Special Offers

From time to time the practice may have special offers and promotions available.



It is clinically proven that outcomes for laminitis cases are generally dramatically improved if foot x-rays are taken and the farrier can trim more radically according to the position of the pedal bone. This is also true for long term or recovering laminitics, as foot and pedal bone position change over time, even if previously trimmed well. 

 Has your pottery pony ever had his feet x-rayed? Has it been a while since the last set of x-rays, and your farrier could be trimming better with a clear view of what’s REALLY going on? If so then your horse or pony could benefit from our special offer for Mondays and Tuesdays only, throughout February 2018:

 Laminitis x-rays for only £150 (including sedation if needed) plus your standard visit fee. This is a saving of over 30% on what it would normally cost, and is available for 1 month only. Please call our office on 01488 657575 for more information and to book your slot.